Ultimate Guide to a In-Home Newborn Shoot with Carolina Hanna Photography, Montreal, Quebec

Welcome! I know how nerve-wracking it can be to have a photographer come to your home shortly after having a baby. That’s why I want to put your mind at ease and walk you through what you can expect during your in-home lifestyle newborn session with Carolina Hanna Photography.

So, grab a seat on the sofa and get cozy. I’ll be your guide, sharing all the information you need to know about our newborn photo shoots. From the moment we step into your home to the final delivery of your beautiful images, I’ll be there every step of the way.

in-home lifestyle newborn session with parents and older brother looking at baby in montreal

01. Your in-home newborn photo shoot will be totally relaxed

In the world of lifestyle photography, it’s all about embracing the real-life moments with your new baby. That’s why there are no expectations when it comes to our sessions. You don’t have to worry about your baby being sound asleep or trying to make them “cooperate” in a specific way. Instead, we’ll simply follow your baby’s lead, ensuring their happiness and security while you have the opportunity to sit back and fully cherish your new little love.

I understand that life with a newborn can often be far from relaxing. However, your session with us will be a calming and peaceful experience. It will provide you with a precious moment to truly soak in the beauty of this special time in your life.

02. Best Location for Newborn Photography

You wouldn’t know it looking through the images on this website, but I get asked SO OFTEN about what happens when “our home doesn’t look like it came out of a magazine”.  It might surprise you, but the fact is that it doesn’t matter!  Your newborn photographs are all about capturing the love and joy within your family, not about the appearance of your home.

When I come to your place, I’ll take a quick peek around to find the best light available. But let me tell you, all I really need is a window and your loving family to work some true magic. I’ve done entire photo shoots in the tiniest of spaces, so trust me when I say that your home is absolutely perfect just the way it is.

During our session, I love getting some cozy shots on your bed. And if your baby’s nursery is ready, we can also capture the pride and effort you’ve put into decorating their very first room. But hey, if those areas don’t work for any reason, no worries at all! We’ll simply find another spot that fits us perfectly.

Remember, this session is all about the warmth and connection within your family, not about achieving perfection. So let’s kick back, relax, and enjoy the precious moments as they unfold naturally. Together, we’ll create the most adorable newborn photographs that truly capture the love and happiness in your family.

03. What to Wear For Your In-Home Newborn Photo Session

Did you know I provide adorable outfits for your baby to wear during your session?  YES!!!

I totally get it—buying an outfit that your baby will only wear once is impractical (hello easy off zippered pyjamas!). So, here’s the deal: you can leave it to me to take care of your baby’s outfit for your photo shoot. I offer a stunning collection of classic, neutral, and timeless newborn wardrobe options that you can use. They’re absolutely gorgeous!

Now, let’s talk about the rest of your family. You know what’s most important? You all being comfortable and being yourselves. That’s why, once you’ve booked your session, I’ll send you a Welcome Guide. It’s packed with fantastic ideas on what outfits photograph best, so you can simply shop your own closet and find the perfect attire for the session. How awesome is that?

Keep it Comfortable

Choose Neutral Colours and Timeless Styles

Coordinate Your Outfits, Don’t Match

Keep it Simple

So, get ready for some seriously adorable outfits for your little one and a comfortable, authentic style for the rest of your family. We’re going to capture beautiful, timeless moments that you’ll cherish forever. Can’t wait to see you all dressed up and ready to create some magical memories!

Want ideas about what you should wear? Click here to view my what to wear blog post!

04. How long will my in-home newborn session take?

Most of my sessions take just around 90 minutes. Yes, you read that correctly! Say goodbye to those long, exhausting 3 or 4-hour sessions for your newborn. With me, it’s going to be quick, painless, and result in timeless images that will forever bring you back to this beautiful and fleeting time. I promise!

When I arrive at your home, I’ll come equipped with adorable baby outfits and my trusty camera. We’ll get your little one ready, and without delay, we’ll dive right into the session. Here’s the best part: I won’t be asking you to force smiles or say “cheese.” Nope, not my style at all. Instead, I want you to simply look at your baby, cherish your family, relax, and take a moment to breathe it all in!

This session is all about capturing those genuine, heartfelt moments that reflect the love and joy within your family. So, let’s keep it natural, authentic, and stress-free. Before you know it, we’ll have captured the most beautiful memories that will warm your heart for years to come.

05. How to prepare for an in-home newborn photo session

The moment you reserve your in-home newborn session, I’ll send you a comprehensive Welcome Guide that covers everything you need to know and expect. It’s like your ultimate preparation manual! Inside, you’ll find valuable tips and ideas on how to get your older kids ready for the session, keeping the atmosphere happy during the shoot, and ways to keep your baby calm and content. Consider it your go-to resource for all things related to your session.

I want you to feel completely supported throughout the entire process. That’s why I’m always available for my clients, whether you want to chat over the phone, send a text, or exchange emails. Feel free to reach out to me anytime, and I’ll be there to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have about your newborn session.

Your final photographs are incredibly important to me. I want you to walk away from this experience feeling not just excited but absolutely thrilled about the entire process. I pour my heart and soul into creating images that you’ll fall in love with over and over again. Your happiness is my priority, and I’m dedicated to delivering a collection of photographs that will make your heart skip a beat.

So, rest assured that I’ve got you covered every step of the way. From the Welcome Guide to ongoing support, I’m here to make sure you have an exceptional and joyful experience that results in photographs you’ll cherish forever.

06. What Happens After Your In-Home Newborn Session?

I know you will be crazy excited to see your photographs – who wouldn’t be!!! 

Let me assure you, I am just as excited as you are! I’ll be hard at work handpicking the absolute best images from our session and meticulously retouching each one to perfection.

Once your images are ready, get ready for an exhilarating moment! You’ll receive an email from me, buzzing with excitement, and it will contain the much-awaited link to your personalized gallery. This is where you and your family will have the incredible opportunity to view your images for the very first time, all together. It’s a moment that tugs at the heartstrings, so you might want to have that tissue box nearby!

I can’t wait to share this special moment with you and witness the joy on your faces as you relive those precious moments captured during our session. Your gallery will be a treasure trove of memories that will bring smiles, laughter, and maybe even a few happy tears. It’s an experience that I’m eagerly looking forward to, and I’m honoured to be a part of your journey in creating timeless photographs that will be cherished for generations to come.

How to book your Montreal In-Home Newborn Photo Session

If having a lifestyle newborn session with Carolina Hanna Photography sounds like the perfect fit for your family, click here to get in touch with me and reserve your spot! 

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