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Why An At-Home Photoshoot Is Perfect, Especially With Baby #2

You don’t need to live in a professionally decorated mansion to have your family photographed at home.  All you need are a few people who adore each other, and maybe a window.  The rest comes together easily when your photographer loves to photograph families at home.

Kids get to be themselves, and do their thing, without the pressure to perform, like when you take them to a mall studio and have exactly 45 minutes on the clock and you are freaking out because they just spent 37 minutes having a meltdown.

There is none of that going on when I come photograph you at home.

In fact, I can’t think of any freak outs over the years.

You know why?  Because there’s no deadline and no pressure, they can do their thing. We can play a little, they usually like to show me their room and give me the tour of their fav toys.  We usually become buddies.  I am not some stranger in the foreign studio to them.

It’s pretty awesome.

So, when you’ve just had a baby and you have a toddler at home who already has a huge change to adapt to (in the form of a tiny baby) why would you want to have your session anywhere but home?

If you live in or around Montreal, get more info about in-home newborn sessions here.

why you should have an in-home newborn session