What to Expect at Your Newborn Photo Session by Montreal Baby Photographer, Carolina Hanna

May 7, 2022

The sound of the breast pump competing with the sound of my screaming newborn baby.   

It was hard, and scary, and exhausting. 

But in all that, there was so much beauty.  When he finally did fall asleep, I would sit and stare at him, amazed that this new life was suddenly here, and he was mine. 

Those days felt like centuries, but the months and years quickly slipped away.   And now, here we are, a few days shy of his 18th birthday.   The pictures and family videos are the only proof that remind us he was ever a tiny baby. 

It’s truly one of the most amazing parts of our lives, and somehow it’s designed to be too exhausting for us to even pay attention. 

That’s why I love photographing newborn babies.  

Their tiny hands and feet.  The little of wisps of hair on their heads, the milk blisters, and flakey skin.  The way we parents look over them in awe.  The pure joy towards these new little beings who have taken over our lives and hearts. 

You might worry you’ll be too overwhelmed to deal with getting through a photoshoot with your newborn baby, but the truth is that these photo sessions are so laid back and relaxed, there’s not really much for you to do other than look at your little one and relax.

Your session takes place at your home. You won’t need to worry about showing up somewhere on time with a newborn. I’ll come to you, and create your portraits in your space.  

In-Home Photography – Photography for Nostalgics

I arrive at your home with just my camera bag.  We won’t be fussing around with props and your baby doesn’t need to be in a milk coma so we can flex them into all those poses and baskets and bowls, oh my…

I’ll take a quick peak around, looking for the best areas to shoot in.  Generally I’m just looking for light as I only use natural window light and I love good light!

From there, I’ll tell you where to sit and gently guide you into the very natural and simple poses.  You’ll cradle and cuddle your baby, something you’ve probably mastered by now, while I photograph you. It’ll be pretty, and imperfect, and the best way to remember these beginnings. 

There won’t be any awkward, and potentially unsafe, poses.  Your baby will be dressed.  We’ll keep it so natural, with your baby’s comfort always top priority. 

If the light is right, I love to shoot in the master bedroom.  This gives you lots of space to get comfortable, and your bed makes the perfect spot to photograph your baby alone.  From there, we’ll move into the nursery if it’s ready, or the living room for a little variety. 

The aim is for your images to be both beautiful and nostalgic.  I want you to look back at your photographs in 20 years and feel back in the moment.  I want your baby to look at the photos one day and see how loved they were from the start. 

There’s really no pressure on you and there’s no expectations of your baby. The baby will always guide the shoot – so if baby wants to feed, that’s what we’ll do; if baby wants to cry, you’ll console him without any stress; if baby wants to stay awake for the entire shoot, it will be totally fine. 

You can expect your newborn session to take about 90 minutes, but there’s no rush.  YOUR family is all I have to do on that day, so if we’re done in 60 minutes, or if it takes longer, there’s no stress and no hurry.  

By the end of our time together, you’ll have a beautiful and unique record of your baby’s first weeks, and one of your greatest life adventures. 

Is in-home newborn photography for everyone?  No, it’s really not.  I know lots of people prefer the baskets and bowls, and that’s totally fine – but if capturing real, raw, organic moments sounds right for you, I’m excited to get to know you and to start this process of photographing your family.

Are you having a baby in or around Montreal? I travel to you for your newborn baby photoshoot. Get in touch for more information or to reserve you spot.

Carolina Hanna is a lifestyle family and newborn photographer based in Montreal, Quebec in Canada. Carolina serves the island of Montreal and surrounding areas including Laval, Boucherville, Candiac, Hudson, St-Eustache, Mirabel, Rosemere, Ste-Therese, Terrebonne, The South Shore of Montreal, Bainville, Longueuil, Town of Mount Royal, Outremont, Westmount, Ile Perot, Ile Bizard and more. Carolina is specialized in photographing newborns and families and has over 13 years of experience. Her passion is for creating relaxed, candid and playful family photography in-home or outdoors

You can learn more about newborn photography here and click here to contact Carolina