The Space Between Us


The Space Between Us


As moms we experience changes in how we parent — from being the center of our children’s worlds to letting them grow. Yet, I still feel attached, conflicted by the evolving dynamics. From this love and absence, The Space Between Us project was born—to hold on, explore, and connect. If you’re a mama who resonates with this, join me in creating a beautiful, soulful tale of motherhood.



is all about holding on tight, and knowing when to let go…

Our role as mothers has phases
The journey isn’t static
but evolving
Never sure when or how
Things will change
But knowing they will.
They’ll outgrow our arms
But never our hearts.

It’s all about that simultaneous joy and ache that mothers feel…

As a mother of teenagers, my heart has been consumed by reflections on the transformative journey we undergo as parents — from once being inseparable from our children, the very center of their universe, to navigating the bittersweet process of letting go and witnessing their growth.

I find myself still holding on, entangled in the complex emotions of how my life has evolved. I feel the echoes of being a mother to babies, even as they have blossomed into independent individuals, and the space between us has expanded.

It’s from this place of profound love and the ache of absence that The Space Between Us project has emerged—a poignant endeavor to hold onto those fleeting moments, to delve into the depths of our connection, and to bridge the gaps that time creates.

If you’re a fellow mama, and this strikes a chord within you, I wholeheartedly invite you to join me on this journey.

As seen in Heartful Magazine!

The Space Between Us

Sessions Details:

– Sessions last about 60 minutes, I don’t keep time and will stay longer if needed
– You’ll get all the best images via download (40+ images)

$1650+tx, session + a printed magazine with your photos (can also include a love note to your babies, your fav song lyrics or quote, etc.)


How are these different from a regular photo session with you?

These sessions are an exploration of the motherhood journey. They are raw and intimate. They are playful, artful, soulful tales of what it means to be mom.

What should I do to prep?

These sessions are focused on you and your children – not your home or any other factors. You only need to think about what you will wear and I’ll send you some inspiration and ideas once you’ve booked!

Can my partner be included?

These sessions are only for mom and children. If you’d like to have your partner included, book a family session instead!

What if I feel self-concious?

You wouldn’t be alone. Most people do feel a little self conscious with a camera in your face, but I promise, you don’t need to be. I will make sure to make you look amazing and keep you focused on your babies, you’ll relax in no time.

What if I get emotional during the shoot?

These shoots are raw and intimate – many mamas do get emotional, reflecting on your motherhood journey and focusing purely on your babies – this will only lead to even more emotion-filled photographs, a true representation of this phase in your journey.

What should I wear?

Clothing choices aren’t that important for these sessions, and I actually recommend less clothing. Babies should just be in a diaper, little boys, can be shirtless, and mom a simple tank, or camisole. All that beautiful skin to skin will lend well to the intimacy of these photos. I’ll send you a prep guide once you’ve booked!