sweet baby m and the *awesomest* big sister | carolina hanna photo newborn photographer

I lost count.

How many times did big sister randomly mention how much she loves each member of her family?

Very matter of factly:

I love my mommy

I love my daddy

I love my sister

She was just inserting it into the conversation here and there!  You could really see how much she loved them all, and they her.

– Sweetest thing ever –

…and her newborn baby sister…does it get any cuter?  I use to sit and stare at my babies literally for hours, in amazement.  In fact, I still do sometimes!  I can just imagine that this is what their mom and dad do daily too…

Congratulations Darlene and Ben, you guys have a gorgeous family!!!!  Thank you for allowing me the pleasure of photographing you!

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