You know that feeling, when you look at your child, and you wish you could bottle up this time in their lives?
I was looking at my daughter, thinking about all the little parts of her that I love:
her personality, the way she always walks on her tippy toes, her funny faces, her little hands, the back of her neck.
She is growing up so fast…too fast… I wanted to capture her, not just looking at the camera, but being HER.
I figured, there is no reason that we can’t have photos of hands and feet of older children, and all the other little bits we love about them.
That’s when I got the idea for the Portrait of a Child Sessions.
Children, being themselves.
Every adorable ounce of them.
These photos are about to become an adorable little coffee table book!  I think I may do one every year 🙂 If you are interested in having your child’s portraits done, contact me!

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