You would never believe how much trouble such a little package could cause!!!!

Poor mom and dad even suggested I might need to photoshop their faces into another family’s photo 🙂

This was one of those extremely rare occasions, where we ended the session and rescheduled another visit.

I often get asked by parents, before their newborn photography session, what happens if the baby doesn’t cooperate?   Usually, they do eventually give in.  But we always need to remember that as small and adorable as they may be, they are people too; and people sometimes have off days.  So, if it comes to that point, where we know it’s just not going to work out today, we reschedule another photo session, usually about 1 week later.  As I mentioned, this is extremely rare (I think this has happened twice so far!) – but rest assured, I will always make sure that your baby is happy and that you get the photos you were hoping for!

And yes, they did get their family photo, no photoshopping involved, 1 week later 🙂

newborn photophoto bébé