– ESTD –

Love & Chaos

Montreal Family, Pregnancy and Baby Photography


– 2009 –

I love love! Not the perfectly posed, instagram highlight kind, but the wonderfully imperfect everyday, ordinary, genuine kind of love. The real stuff. The kind of love filled with laughter, tender moments, heartfelt conversations, and even the tough times that make your bonds stronger. Family love, unfiltered and unconditional.

My goal is to capture the beauty in all of it and to create images that are worthy of your family. I look for the small stuff because I believe that our most important moments are often the ones we overlook and take for granted.

The way you look at your children, the way they hold onto you, their tiny hands gripping yours, knowing that you are their safe place. To me, this deep love is where photography meets art.

If you’re navigating parenthood and looking for family photographs that break away from the ordinary and are filled with genuine love, I would be honoured to capture a piece of your story.