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Feel Every Moment

Your family story is worth remembering.

My lifestyle family photo sessions are about documenting a real piece of your family’s history. These photos aren’t about being safe, they’re about being genuine. Your images will work together to show your love and connections with one another and to tell the story of your family, right now. Please take a few minutes to read through this page to see what this is really about and to see if this style of family photography is right for you.

I travel throughout Montreal and surrounding areas for your family photos. I am available for travel, please contact me for a custom quote.

Discover the Magic in Everyday Moments, and Preserve the Unscripted Beauty of Your Family

Finding the beauty in the everyday.

Mom nuzzles toddlers neck and he is laughing by montreal family photographer Carolina Hanna

Together with my clients, I aim to celebrate your relationships – your closeness, your realness, the unconditional love you see in a glance, or a touch. The little moments that are easily missed in the busyness of life. The moments we won’t realize we will miss until they’re gone.

All the parts of life that make life worth living, that’s what I am looking to photograph.

Because time really does fly.

Is this type of photography right for your family? Only you can answer that, but I want to help you to make the best decision for you, so I aim to be fully transparent about what you can expect from a photo session with me. This is not a sales pitch, I just want you to make the right choice for your family.

Your photo session will be laid back, relaxed, and will be completely informal. There’s no looking into the camera, no saying cheese, no stiff and awkward smiles or poses. Instead, you’ll focus on your family, on spending real quality time together, cuddling, jumping, laughing – whatever is real for your family. I will guide you, but I won’t totally pose you. I want to create a space where you can just be yourselves, because that’s where the magic is.

I love to work with families who are happy to let their kids be kids.  Let them be wild and weird.  Let them explore.  Families who accept the bad with the good, families who love to love and who love to laugh.  You want to remember how this part of your life feels because you know it won’t last long. You want to hold onto a part of this chapter of your lives. You want your photos to bring you back here. You know each day is precious and never guaranteed.

This is not for you if you’re looking for perfectly posed images, smiling at the camera. There’s nothing wrong with wanting that, but I won’t likely be the right fit for your family.

A relaxed morning together. Mom, Dad and two littles, ages 3 years, and 9 months.

Sessions are loose, free, wild and tender. A reflection of your family.

Hi! I’m Carolina

I’m an artist and photographer with over 14 years experience documenting the candid, raw, and real moments that tell the story of family. 

As a mom to two kids who aren’t little anymore, I’ve lived the spectrum of emotions that parenting brings. I’ve felt the overwhelming joy, the relentless exhaustion, and everything in between. Looking back, I see how fast it all went and often wish I could relive those little moments. My own experiences have not only heightened my understanding but also fine-tuned my ability to capture those brief, invaluable moments you’ll want to hold onto forever.

I know that capturing these moments yourself and being present in them is nearly impossible. Parents often tell me how much they treasure being able to live in the moment during our sessions, knowing I’m there to capture their story, and all the beautiful in-between moments. My approach is all about making you feel comfortable and at ease, allowing you to be yourselves, and allowing me to capture the beautiful and unique moments that tell your family story. 

From our initial conversation to the delivery of your photographs, I aim to make the process seamless, transparent and easy. I’ll guide you through each step, ensuring that our session reflects your family’s personality and that you know exactly what to expect. My goal is to create a relaxed environment where you can truly be yourselves, leaving the rest to me.

carolina hanna photo montreal family photographer holds camera


Photography about the chaos and the tender moments

Your family photo shoot is meant to be about making memories with your favourite people – your family (and me!). It will be a mix of calm moments and crazy ones. It will be untraditional and perfectly imperfect.

During your family photo session, you’ll focus on your children and the wonderful, beautiful, silly things you love to do together.

Anything goes, chaos is welcome.

You photoshoot is a place where anything can happen – where the laughter is real and the hugs are filled with unconditional love.

Montreal Family Photographer


What do you want to remember about your family, right now?

Family Sessions are SO RELAXED! Seriously, you don’t need to be stressed or anxious with me ever.

I won’t ask your kids to sit still and pose for the camera, or say cheese. I want them interacting with you, not me.

Before your session we’ll talk a little about what you want to remember about your kids right now.

Is it the way they play with your ear when you cuddle, or the crazy faces they make when they’re being silly or how hysterical they think it is to run around with underwear on their head…

Whatever those special things are for your family, we’re going to turn those beautiful moments into photographs you can keep forever.

This type of photography will make sure you always have a beautiful reminder of this amazing, albeit exhausting, time in your life.



All the little moments that make your family, your family.


How long does a family session take?

Your family photo session will take anywhere between 60-90 minutes, give or take. I don’t time my sessions, I prefer to stay until I know I have a beautiful variety of images for your family. Please block off at least one extra hour incase of meltdowns, wardrobe malfunctions, or hungry babies.

My house doesn’t look like it came out of a magazine…

The focus of the images is your family and your connections with each other. It doesn’t matter if your home isn’t perfect.

My children are monsters.

Kids, by nature, are messy and chaotic and real. That is exactly what I want to capture. Don’t stress about it. Trust me. Your session is not the best time to try to be controlling and disciplining your kids. Just let them have fun and play with them! That’s why this type of relaxed family photography is so great!

When will I see my photos?

Your gallery will be ready for you within two weeks following your session!

Montreal Family Photographer

Mother and son, boy holds mom as she looks into the distance in black and white old port montreal


Your investment includes the session and images. Prices are very simple and transparent so you know exactly what to expect.