Learn to photograph families in their homes

Make the photographs you imagine in your mind now


For Lifestyle Newborn & Family Photographers


Studio Photographers looking to transition into Lifestyle

Who is This For?

I know how difficult it can be navigating your way through this photography world.  It is equal parts intimidating and exciting and, sometimes,  it is 100% confusing.

It took me YEARS to hone in on my style and find my look.

Now, I would love to help you get here!  I want to see you achieve your vision and goals. And I want you to do it way faster than I did!

You will be able to ask me about ANYTHING!

Mentoring is for if:

You don’t know how to get started in lifestyle photography, or you are currently a posed photographer and you’re looking to follow your heart and transition into lifestyle.

you need help understanding natural light

you need help un-posing people

you don’t know how to work with people

you’re not sure about your style

you feel like your work is all over the place

you want to work smarter not harder

you want to learn to batch edit in Lightroom

you don’t know how to build a website

you want to bring your images to another level

you want to learn to make marketing materials for your business

you don’t know how to price your work


If any of those sounds like you, then getting some help with your business is the best move you can make.

Stop wasting time and start getting things done!

Chose the one topic you feel like you need the most help with.

This is perfect for a portfolio review, or help with your website, editing, pricing etc.

Once you book, I will send you a questionnaire to help get to know you, your business and your major pain point.  You can expect a reply with guidance via written or recorded video to help get you started.  About 1 week later, we will have an online video conference where we can get more in depth for 60-90 minutes and go over all your questions, concerns and I will provide all the guidance and help I can offer.


Let’s Dig Deeper

This is for you if you have multiple pain points and need help getting many different areas of your photography and business in order.

We will start with a questionnaire so I can get to know you and your business better.

Then, expect an initial response for me and we will come up with a game plan to get you going.

Next, you will get 4 weekly hour-long video conference calls where we can work through whatever issues you need help with.   After our call, you will have time to do the work, think about what we’ve discussed and will be able to email me for feedback or we can set up a private FB group for just the 2 of us for the duration of your mentoring.

Your video call can be used for me to teach you in-depth LR editing, setting up a system to work with clients, portfolio review, website review, content creation, honing in on your style etc.  You get to choose whatever you want to talk about within the available time.

*payment plans are available


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