Digital File Care

If you purchase digital files, you are responsible for the care and preservation of your digital files.

Make Copies


Make a copy (or several copies) of your images for storage in a different location than your originals. Keep a digital copy of your images online (iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon Pictures, etc.). Make a new copy of your images every few years. Software and hardware evolve quickly and can malfunction, you want to make sure you always have a safe copy of your images. Store your USB/Hard drives in a safe place. Keep one copy outside your home.

Print Your Photos


Please PRINT your images! Digital Files will never replace beautifully printed portraits in your hands. Your kids will thank you.
It is possible that your prints do not match exactly with what you see on your computer screen due to the differences in monitor calibration. I cannot guarantee the quality of any prints that are not ordered directly from me.


Turn off color correction

Do not let your lab auto color correct your images. When ordering, check carefully for that option and ensure that it is not selected.