iPhone Artist E-Book – Learn To Take Amazing Pictures With Your Phone!


by | May 30, 2018

You take a ton of pictures with your phone, and they’re cute but not really what you were hoping for?

Or maybe they’re terrible – too dark, too bright, blurry and just blah?


Help is here!!! 


I’ve put together an e-guide with EVERYTHING you need to know to make your smartphone images AWWWWSOMMME!!!!!  




When I first started shooting with my phone (hello convenience!) I was just taking snapshots – but when I learned how to REALLY use my phone to create an image, I started paying attention and was able to create images I LOVE!  The best part is that I always have my phone on me anyway, so I’m always ready to take a great photo, and you can be too!


You don’t need to know anything about photography. 


This guide walks you through:

  • using your phone
  • the features you need to pay attention to
  • how to take a better photo
  • step by step how to add the finishing touches by editing your pics
  • my favorite apps to use


I don’t have an iPhone?!

I use an iPhone 6s and the examples I show in the book are done on my phone but Android phone users will also be able to learn how to create stronger images


I don’t know how to use my phone!!!

This book is perfect for you if you are a beginner or an intermediate phone photographer.  I really walk you through everything you need to know!


How does it work?

Head to the shop and grab your copy of the iPhone Artist E-Book here.  It’s a digital file that you can download to your computer, tablet or phone.




What’s included?

  • Over 100 Pages of easy to understand instruction
  • 20 Videos
  • How to properly use the camera app
  • Tricks for taking better pictures
  • Learn how to compose stronger images
  • Learn to light your pictures
  • Easy ways to be more creative when shooting
  • My favorite Apps and how to use them
  • Step by Step Editing




Head to the shop to grab a copy at the introductory price or if you’re not sure, hop onto my

FREE 5 Days to Awesome Smartphone Pictures challenge here:






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