I know I know, you want the USB.  I get it, we live in a technical age – but have you heard the saying that the most photographed generation ever (our kiddos) will be left with nothing???

Technology fails.  Hard drives crash, CDs don’t last forever, phones get lost.

Most of us still have photographs of our grandparents, and our great-grandparent, because they are in print, but what will our children have?

That’s why I find it incredibly important that you walk away with a beautiful little something, that you and your family can treasure long after your USB has been lost.

I don’t offer too many options, only a few items that I just adore, including this beautiful photograph album, featuring the family’s favourite images from their little boy’s newborn photo session.


Below is this family’s gorgeous keepsake box filled with custom fine art prints!

The backs have baby’s name and birthdate on them, and it comes ready with a Canadian Made hand-carved wooden block to display your favourite image.  You can display one image at a time and rotate them as often as you’d like.

The prints are thick and feel amazing, they are nothing like the prints you get at the drugstore.

One of my most popular products, and definitely one of my personal favs as well!

If you are having your family photographs taken soon, you should definitely consider the benefits of printing beautiful artwork.

montreal family baby photographer print

Have you had your family portraits done lately?

I’m a newborn, baby, child and family photographer located in Montreal, QC.  I travel to you for your session, shooting either in your home or at a location that is meaningful for your family.  I capture beautiful moments amongst loved ones for you to hold onto. I LOVE what I do.  If you do too, please get in touch!

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