Family & Newborn Photographer in Montreal, QC Canada

Photographing Montreal families since 2009

My name is Carolina

I’m a mom, a camera nerd, and I am passionate about photographing the unique bond between parents and their children.

I want to photograph more than smiling faces.  I want to uncover what’s underneath.

A special look.  A smile.  A hug that says thank you mom, I love you.

I want to create images you feel.

I take the beautiful, everyday moments, the obscure looks, the giggles, the hugs filled with emotion and I turn them into tangible memories, for you.

Pictures you love now, that your children will cherish later.


I don’t photograph faces, I photograph stories, love and emotion.

See my portfolio here.

I LOVE that I get to tell your stories.

I find those ridiculously perfect little moments between you that sometimes, as parents, we miss.

I’ll come to you with fresh eyes and show you how beautiful your family is.

You’ll get a set of images that tell your unique story and celebrate your family’s love.

Your family is worth celebrating.




Yep – two!

Coffee vs Tea:


Fav Music:

Anything acoustic

Fav TV Show:

Can I just say Netflix?

Fav Colour?

Black & Green

No of Plants in My House:

I’ve lost count

Happy Place:

The ocean

Cats or Dogs?

Gimme all the animals!

Pet Peeve:

Pumping gas…

Take a look at my family & newborn photography portfolio here:

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