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Newborn Baby Photography 

Montreal Newborn Baby & Family Photographer

Carolina has been photographing newborn babies for over seven years, bringing a classic style, emotional moments, and newborn safety to the forefront.

First off – congratulations!  This is going to be the most beautiful and chaotic time in your lives and it is going to be amazing!  Second, I’m so HAPPY that you are wanting to have images made of this time, for you and for your baby.  It is so worth it.  Please read through this page which talks about how I work and what to expect, and if you feel we are a good fit, I would really love to chat with you about your photographs!


Life with a newborn is hectic.  There’s no routine in your life, and your newborn session will be the same.  Instead each session will take on their own rhythm, adapting to you and your little one.  There won’t be any expectations of your new little love, and we will just follow him or her and flow to the beat of their drum.

Your newborn session takes place in your home, this way you won’t need to worry about travelling with such a young baby or about germs, noise, inclement weather etc.  I will arrive at your home with only my camera in hand.  No props and no pressure.  It is going to be simple, happy, beautiful and intimate.

My job is to freeze this moment in time for you, so whatever happens during your session, even if your baby is crying and only wants to be held, it doesn’t matter…it is a little piece of your life and that is what I want to document for you.  You will walk way with beautiful images whether your baby is peacefully asleep or wide awake.

I only schedule 1 session on any given day so yours is my only session that day.  This way, there’s no rush and I stay until I feel I have a really awesome assortment of images for your family.  Short Story Sessions generally take about 90 minutes.


Generally, when photographing newborns, we want the babies as young as possible, preferably under 10 days.  With lifestyle photography, this is a much more lenient rule that we can break when necessary.  However, keep in mind that newborns change really fast and shooting within the first 10 days after their birth will ensure we really capture the newborn essence.  Newborns are also generally very calm and sleepy during these first days.

Since we don’t usually know the exact date that your baby is planning on making their appearance, I just pencil you into my calendar to know around when to expect you.  Once baby is born, you will need to get in touch with me so we can pick out an exact date and time for your session.  *Please do not wait until after baby is born to book a session, as spots go quickly and I can’t always fit families in last minute.

There are only a handful of sessions available each month.  I choose to only shoot a few sessions so that I can devote a lot of time and attention to each family I work with, and so that I can always have space to schedule you when your baby is born, or to reschedule a session if anyone is under the weather.


I know many of you are thinking it.  And, it’s ok.  While your house will be in the frame, it is not the focus of the photo.  It doesn’t matter if you live in a one bedroom apartment that is overflowing with baby stuff or a in a mansion, you and your family are the focus of your images, not your home.  As long as you have a window and a little place to sit, that’s all we need to make beautiful, intimate photographs.


Once you have reserved your session, you will get a link to your own client portal, where you will find everything you need to help you prepare for your session!

I am also available for phone/skype/text/in-person consultations if you need any help.

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