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Family Photography

This is How I Photograph Families

Embrace the tender moments and the crazy sugar highs…

Laughter induced hysteria.  Images filled with connections, movement and life.  Bed head, bath time, tickle war and booboos.   All the little moments that make your family, your family.

Because you are unique, and your images should be too.  This is how I photograph families.

Have 1 Minute?  Here’s a little video so you can see exactly what you can expect:

This type of photography is for you if:

You want something completely different.

You want something authentic.

You want images that are beautiful AND meaningful.

You want to remember your family as you really are, right now.

You want your children to grow up and have physical reminders of the love that you showed them growing up.


A few things you may be wondering about

All sessions take place on-location – which means that I come to you.  Generally we shoot at your home, indoors and out if you’d like, or we can shoot at another location that is meaningful to you.  The sky is the limit.  If you don’t know where you want to have the session, but you don’t want it at home, I have a lot of ideas up my sleeve that we can chat about!

I always recommend shooting in your home though.  Home is home, there is no other place where you can feel more comfortable.  Shooting in your home, we fill every piece of every image with you.  No matter how big or small your home is, it doesn’t matter.  As long as I have a little bit of light and a family that loves each other, we can make amazing images.

*newborns are only photographed at home.

Lifestyle sessions are about YOU, so you should wear what you are comfortable in.  Seriously.  Skip the fancy schmancy dress clothes and wear clothes you can PLAY in!  You should wear what you would normally wear on a Saturday afternoon hanging out with your family!

Of course, having your portraits done IS a special occasion, and I know a lot of people would prefer to put together special outfits for the occasion.  SO, once your session is booked, I will send you info about prepping for your session and ideas about what to wear, and great stores where you can find comfy, casual & pretty clothes.

I show up to our session with only my camera in hand.  Usually, I’ll take a quick look around your home and start coming up with ideas of where I want to shoot, or if our session is outdoors, I arrive a few minutes before you and scout the location. I will also take some time to chat with your little ones so that they can learn to trust me and my camera.

Family sessions are fun, candid and sometimes crazy!  Kids get to be KIDS.  While I do give a little guidance, I don’t direct the whole shoot.  I allow the little ones to lead and I follow.  There are very few meltdowns and usually a lot of happy little faces (did you see the video above!)…

If you have toddlers, prepare to be wowed by my superior fake-sneezing techniques.  For real.

Short Story family sessions are about 90 minutes, give or take.  I don’t really time my sessions, I stay until I feel like I have a good variety of images – or – until the kids are fed up!

If you would like a longer session, I also offer Day In The Life sessions, which last between 4 to 12 hours to really document what a day in your lives looks like.  This type of session is really documentary, capturing every beautiful, mundane moment in your life.  From rolling out of bed, to nose-picking, finger painting, book reading to potty training – I capture every little bit of your day.  These sessions are very limited, please contact me directly to discuss this option.  I also offer the option of including a family film during your Day In The Life Session!

Wish I could say that the show must go on, but this show needs light!

I ONLY use natural light, so, if it is pouring rain and dark outside, we will postpone the session until a brighter day – even if your shoot is indoors.  If you have a hectic schedule and can’t reschedule, then we will go ahead with your indoor shoot, however outdoor sessions on extra rainy days will have to be re-located or postponed.

I only offer a handful of sessions each month because I love to be able to offer flexibility in my scheduling.  If you are sick, or your little ones are sick, rescheduling is not a problem, and it is preferable.

This kind of thing happens, and I don’t worry about it.  Kids are messy and chaotic and real.  That is exactly what I want to capture.

YES!  Grandparents are always welcome at your family session.  Grandparents are so special, it is my pleasure to photograph them with you.

Please don’t invite friends, cousins, aunts, uncles and the neighbours though, unless we have planned this out beforehand.

Within 3 weeks following your session, I will contact you to set up a viewing & ordering appointment.  I will travel back to you with your images for viewing, and my studio samples and I will help you figure out the best way to display your images in your home.

I will travel just about anywhere if we are a right fit!

Travel in and around Montreal, QC is included up to 25kms.

Don’t live in the Montreal, QC area? I am available for travel.  Let’s chat!

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