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Client Reviews and Testimonials

Carolina Hanna Photo, Montreal Family Photographer

A HUGE thank you to my wonderful clients who took the time to write such kind words.  I truly appreciate each and every one of you.  Thank you for your support and especially for your trust in letting me capture these precious memories for you!!!

xo Carolina

“[I was most concerned about] being rushed & our baby not cooperating during the photoshoot. This totally did not come true! That day was for us–& Carolina took all the time needed to make this photoshoot a memorable one! She made us feel very comfortable & was very patient (example baby crying & trying to calm baby down…various techniques to calm baby down). [Carolina was] very calm, took her time, very VERY patient with baby! End result: beautiful pictures of our newborn.” –Stella B


“I was nervous with our very first session [with Carolina]. Being a new mom I wasn’t sure how my son would react and if I could handle over an hour of photography with a newborn, but it all turned out very well. Carolina assured me and didn’t pressure me at all. She understood what it means to have a newborn (feed in between shots, diaper changes, etc.) [My favourite part of our most recent shoot with Carolina was] Just seeing my boys be boys and knowing Carolina would capture those special moments. You won’t regret [hiring Carolina]! She’s one of a kind!” –Maria G


“”I’ve never gotten any pictures professionally done before, but my experience with Carolina was absolutely amazing. I was searching for a photographer for when my precious baby girl was born I could have some wonderful pictures to show her when she got older. I looked at a couple of portfolios and nothing impressed me as much as Carolina’s. When I did my session, she was so patient and professional. My baby girl pooped, peed and cried a lot but Carolina was just was so patient! Being a young new mom, I was nervous and wasn’t sure what to do. Carolina took over, calmed her down and got the shots I wanted. She has inspired me to get back into my own photography again. I look forwarded to seeing her updates on Facebook cause she’s just that good! Hands down this woman is amazing at what she does and I would recommend her 100%. J My pictures were worth every penny. Thank you Carolina for the beautiful pictures!” –Paige L.


“I hoped that all the important moments were captured… And Carolina took care of that without a problem!! I absolutely loved all the “action” photos she got….and all the little details… Genuine photos! She captures all those special pictures. I like how some are posed and some are action I love how she asks what do you want her to take pics of and you have her running all around and she’s so patient about it!! You get tons of insanely beautiful pictures to pick from..can’t ask for better! Last but not least she’s so friendly and kind :)” –Shawna D


“We couldn’t have been more satisfied with the pictures Carolina took of my growing belly and of our little one at 8 days old. She is by far one of the most talented photographers we have ever met. Her passion truly translates through her amazing pictures. We will cherish our baby girl’s first pictures forever! We can’t wait to work with Carolina in the future.” Stephanie D.


“When I first hired Carolina, I wasn’t sure of the quality of the work that was put in. I’ve had bad experiences with other photographers, especially for my wedding, and that made me worry. Instead, I got amazing pictures that I’ve treasured and I also went back for my second newborn. Expect a call Carolina, I’ll be booking you also for the third.(when it actually happens). She’s so patient and tender with the babies, it’s so beautiful to see and admire. Trust me, she’s worth every penny.” –Litsa M.


“[Carolina was] able to quickly bond with our son in order to make both him and us comfortable for great photos. When one pose wasn’t working she was able to switch it up to make him comfortable. Absolutely worth the travel and money!” –Natasha J.


“[My main concern was] that by doing the session at my house I wouldn’t get the same quality as in a studio. In fact they turned out amazing and when I tell people the pictures were taken in the play room, they are amazed…[Carolina has] good prices, and is friendly and professional.” –Nadisha H.


“I was worried that my baby wouldn’t cooperate. But he was a champ. Carolina rocked him, sang to him, made sure he was comfortable, and the pics came out so nice. [The best part of the session was ] getting along with Carolina and having fun instead of stressing out. And seeing all the cute shots that were possible. [i would tell my friends] to not hesitate to call you and feel very comfortable. That the pics will undoubtedly be beautiful.” –Natassa H


“[I was concerned] that my kids would be too shy and they wouldn’t do what they have to and because of that the session won’t be successful. [However] Carolina was very relaxed with the kids and they opened up the first moment and were happy and laughing so she could make great photos with them. She was professionnel, good with the kids, didn’t force anybody to do anything, just capture the good moments meanwhile they enjoyed themselves.” — Karmen


“[I was concerned] that the photos would look too posed and not natural or not capture our family’s personality. And the opposite was true! Seeing the end results of my daughter, my husband and myself in the photos was a beautiful way to capture all the tender moments and actions you go through when you have a baby and from a totally different perspective. Carolina is creative, professional and very flexible…ensuring that the entire family is comfortable with the process and results!” – Cristina D.


“Our biggest concern was if the quality of our pictures really be as good as what we saw on Carolina’s web site. We wondered if our son would be as cooperative a model. Of course, the pictures were superb and Carolina’s way with our son was so gentle and patient that he slept through most of the shoot! Our favourite part was how stress-free and relaxed it all was. We did the shoot when our son was 6 days old and as new parents know, this can be a hectic time! But the photo shoot was so calm and quiet and went very smoothly…[Carolina is] friendly, courteous, professional, and obviously very talented (not solely in photography but in dealing with babies as well!) .” — Kevin R.


“I was concerned that it would be difficult to work around my father’s health issues. However, he was able to sit down and Carolina was able to use pillows from the sofa to assist him with holding both my three-month-old daughter and my four-month-old nephew. I think that everyone had a lot of fun. We got some really great pictures. I especially like the black and white photos that weren’t posed. Carolina has a really great sense of what would make a good shot. You’ll get the photos that you asked for, plus some artistic ones that you were not expecting. She’s also really good with babies and children. My daughter was in a sour mood that day, but we still got a lot of adorable shots.” – Karen K.



We couldn’t have been more satisfied with the pictures Carolina took of my growing belly and of our little one at 8 days old.  She is by far one of the most talented photographers we have ever met.  Her passion truly translates through her amazing pictures.  We will cherish our baby girl’s first pictures forever!  We can’t wait to work with Carolina in the future.

Stephanie D.


I loved our experience with Carolina! Everything went really smooth, Carolina was so patient and we didn’t feel in a rush to get the perfect pictures… and the result in the end, well, they are perfect! 🙂

Andreane P.


My baby was born on august 13th. Since the beginning of my pregnancy I knew I was going to see Carolina for his pictures at 2 weeks old. Our session wasn’t easy, he didn’t want to sleep!!! I can’t believe the patience that she had!!! I finally got the pictures I wanted and I’m sooo happy! Thank you soo much I won’t hesitate to refer you! xxx

Christine S.


After a last minute decision that I *needed* to have maternity photos done, I called Carolina who was able to accommodate me, and my very pregnant belly. I am shy, and private, by nature, so it was a little intimidating to think of posing for the photos, but Carolina made me feel so comfortable, that I enjoyed my session. She was also great with my 3 year old, engaging and fun, so that she remembers the morning as fun (and for the record, didn’t want to leave!) I can’t wait for the newborn session.

Cara M.

Carolina is a photographer at its best. Her talent with newborns is amazing. I had so many compliments on the pictures she took and I will most certainly go back to her in the future. We are very grateful to have these memories. Thank you for everything.

Marcella C.

I had the pleasure of having Carolina photograph my baby girl as a newborn a little over a year ago and to this day I look at those pictures in awe. She captures precious moments that will melt any parent’s heart and will give memories to families for a lifetime. Unlike a lot of studios her approach is much more personal and she has the most patience of any photographer I’ve encountered before. I will most definitely be contacting her to take photos of baby #2 when I get pregnant again. She’s THE BEST!!!!!

Dominique B.


Quelle expérience formidable ce fut de se faire photographier par Carolina. Nous avons adoré notre séance maternité, et sommes revenus avec bébé pour ses premières photos. Carolina est infiniment talentueuse, passionnée par son art et les bébés, attentionnée et délicate et fait preuve d’une belle créativité. Nous avons eu raison d’avoir confiance en elle; ses photos font maintenant partie de notre décor! Merci encore.

Christina L.


★ Carolina la charmeuse de bebes.. que dire, par ou commencer? sa délicatesse exquise, sa patience infinie, sa douceur, son calme, ses talents caches, etc etc.. Son travail mérite une 6ieme étoile!!

Daniela C.


What more can I say about Carolina’s work? She’s professional, accommodating, patient, extremely talented, simply wonderful with kids and has the ability to make new parents look and feel beautiful no matter how exhausted they really are behind the camera 😉 Our experience with her with the maternity shots and newborn shots were more than we could have ever asked for. She captured memories for us that will last a life time and will remain proudly hung up on our walls for years to come because they are classic and timeless. Do yourself a favor and book your next shots with her, you will regret going anywhere else because the service and quality is impossible to beat.

Tammy W.


The memories Carolina has captured for me are truly priceless. Her talent is demonstrated on genuine love for what she does and how she brings people together and makes a moment last forever. Thanks to her great work, I have pictures that are beautiful and timeless. I would recommend her for all your photography needs, you will not be disappointed!

Rachel H.


What can’t we say about our experience with Carolina! Wow! She was so patient, kind and understanding throughout both of our sessions with us and our children. Our pictures are just stunning! You can feel the emotions so much. Each cent we spent was worth every penny and more these photos will always remind us of just how special pregnancy and newborns are. Thank you is just not enough Carolina.

Sheyda S.