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It’s nice to “meet” you!


Happily photographing families since ’09!

Every day, your children get a little bigger, a little older and a little different than they were yesterday.  Before you know it, your baby is out of diapers and this beautiful phase of your lives has passed you by.

You’ve thought about having your family professionally photographed but you dread the thought or your toddler running amuck or your baby crying straight through, (or your husband being fully uninterested) so you keep putting it off.  Yet, you want to glance at the walls in your home and see beautiful portraits of your children –  your life – on display.

You want a life of smiling when you look at your memories on the wall.

You want your children to grow up and see the love you’ve had for them right from the start.

That’s where I come in.

I’m Carolina and I am a lifestyle photographer, capturing your beautiful story in a natural and meaningful way.

I come to YOU for your portraits and together we create the most beautiful images you will ever have of your family.  There are no tantrums and no worries.  Your children are free to be themselves so that the only smiles I capture are real ones.

You want your images to be exceptional, and I take a lot of pride in providing both exceptional images AND service. I will guide you from planning your session straight through to displaying your photographs in your home.

Photographing families is my thing and I would love to photograh yours!


Carolina’s photos are stunning. She captures the most beautiful moments.

Amanda R

Carolina takes the most amazing photos! We’ve had her shoot our family twice and she never disappoints. It’s effortless and relaxed and the outcome is better than we could ever imagine. Love love love her work!

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A Zoodle Lover

A Waterpaint Artist wannabe

A Chocoholic

A Coffee Hater

A Worry Wort

Chasing a lifelong dream of being organized

A Puppy Lover


In case  you’re wondering, my name is pronounced Caro-LEE-na, not like the state.  I often get called like the state, or Caroline, and very often Hanna…that’s what you get for having a first name for a last name.  My mom often calls me Sabrina, which is my sister’s name….

If you can’t remember that, just call me Cari.